Not Fake News . . . Just Fake Grass

I love the summer immensely. Hot summer days that fade into warm nights perfect for barbequing in the yard with friends. It’s the only time of year when we get to kick off our shoes and take full advantage of our outdoor living space. I love the feel of grass on my feet; it’s such a great way to end the day relaxing in the yard. Unfortunately for me I have never had much luck keeping my grass green for too long in the summer. Part of that is lack of watering (due to both water restrictions and memory constraints), but mostly it’s because of my incompetence in the yard. Maybe you have similar difficulties trying to maintain your grass, or perhaps you don’t have any lawn. Either way, I may have found a solution for us green-grass-challenged individuals.

Imagine your lawn is the envy of all your neighbours, with grass so green it could be mistaken for a putting green. And ponder that this is possible with absolutely no watering of the grass ever… and no need to cut the grass either. I know it sounds too good to be true, and I’m sure you’ve Sherlock’d my secret solution by now. The answer to our brown, ugly, feel horrible on the feet, no-grass problem… is to install fake grass!

Artificial turf grass is a growing trend. It’s a synthetic product that is made to look like grass but without the required maintenance. It’s a multi-use product, advertised for both residential and commercial use, and also for parks and pet runs. The possibilities are vast, and it is really quite amazing how real it looks. It’s so much better than those old green colored outdoor rugs we all remember. This stuff actually looks like grass!

Perhaps you have seen the potential in these purchased pastures? But what do you think of the potential trade-off? Is there a big enough up-side to make you switch? On one side we have the status quo… toiling in the yard produces the right outcome, but only when we commit to the required work. Of course this means a bit of cost too. We need a lawnmower, edger, fertilizer, and water just to name a few. On the other side we can put out the money up front for a no-fuss manicured meadow with no maintenance costs and no added physical labour. I guess which one we prefer depends on different factors. Cost is only one of them. But time must be a consideration as well. Perhaps you enjoy working in the yard creating your perfect Garden of Eden. I don’t share in that love, nor do I have a green thumb to aid in my best efforts. But I do understand the satisfaction of working on something of which you can quantifiably see the results. Satisfaction is well deserved when you have taken the time and effort to create your space just the way you want.

The process of creating a wonderful outdoor space to enjoy throughout the summer may come with a cost, either monetarily or physically. But to be able to enjoy our outdoor space to its fullest is a wonderful benefit of our creation. Whether you choose fake grass or real grass, I hope you’re enjoying your yard this summer. I know my feet are looking forward to some more grass time before the good weather runs out.

I’ve seen some wonderful grass lately, Let me know if it’s time search for greener pastures.

Don Goertz
Don Goertz
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